Mobile Storage: Take advantage of out 40 years of experience and let us design a custom storage plan to fit the individual needs of your office or storeroom.  Let our design experts handle every step of the process with nationwide delivery and installation.

What is mobile storage?

Mobile Storage is a high density storage solution that allows large volumes of goods or documents to be stored in a very small footprint. Mobile filing will provide maximum utilization of your office space while allowing easy retrieval and sorting of items. Visit our photo gallery to learn more!

What type of mobile storage do I need?

We offer several varieties of mobile storage solutions - Manual Slide-By Shelving for lightweight applications, Mechanical Assist (MobileTrak3) for most applications, and Heavy-Duty (MobileTrak5) systems for large-capacity applications. Choose the system that best fits your application – for example, if you are seeking a storage solution for large volumes of heavy materials, mechanically assisted systems are recommended over manual systems.

Lateral Slide-By Shelving
Lateral slide-by systems will maximize your wall space beyond the limits of normal shelving, while keeping your documents easy to retrieve. This type of system allows you to position 2 to 4 rows of sliding shelves against a wall. To access shelves in the rear of the system, shelves in the front can be easily moved aside. Because this type of open-shelf file system is pulled manually, it should not be used for storing heavy weight media. File folder shelving is the recommended application as shown in the adjacent pictures.

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Mechanical Mobile Shelving (MobileTrak3)
Our mechanically assisted MobileTrak3 systems offer the ideal solution for storing large volumes of documents, archives, supplies, or other products in a small, efficient footprint. This type of system is extremely versatile, and can be used in both small offices and large storerooms or warehouses. These units are utilized by libraries, physicians, and business offices alike!

Common applications include storing archival boxes, office supplies, library books, electronic media, file folders, pharmaceuticals, and x-rays.

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Heavy-Duty Mobile Shelving (MobileTrak5)
We offer Datum MobileTrak5 systems for inventory storage and large-capacity applications requiring a heavy-duty solution. Like our MobileTrak3 units, all heavy-duty systems are available in several colors and laminates and can be configured to contain any Datum shelving unit on top of each mobile carriage. These systems are ideal for locations where overhead clearance is not an issue and the larger carriages (and wheels) will be fully utilized.

Heavy-duty mobile units are also available with a built-in motor to enable movement of extremely heavy items, long shelves, or multiple shelves simultaneously. Just push the directional arrow on the front, and bring your documents to you!

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